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Terms of Service
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Terms of Service
1. Although no issues or defects are known with AJ Monitoring, LLC’s third-party software, I accept all responsibility for the device intake and software installation. I authorize any employee or contract employee of AJ Monitoring, LLC to install third party monitoring software on this device.

2. AJ Monitoring, LLC, probation, pre-trial, and treatment providers are in no way responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages as a result of any actions taken by AJ Monitoring, LLC, to include but not limited to, loss of revenue or profit, lost or damaged data, or damage to the device.

3. The employee of AJ Monitoring, LLC may view any and all content on the device which includes, but not limited to, text messages (SMS & MMS), instant messages, call logs, internet history, photo logs, video logs, applications/software installed/used, screenshots, online searches, document tracking, files transferred, keystrokes, GPS location and email content. Data collected could include sensitive information, such as passwords and conversations with protective parties such as attorneys. It is my responsibility to provide AJ Monitoring with a list of these persons.

4. All information obtained by employees of AJ Monitoring, LLC can be provided to a representative of your supervision team to include, but not limited to, your supervising officer, therapist, pre-sentence investigator, or other supervising official. I will not be given any logs or reports without a court order.

5. If your device’s password is changed you are required to notify AJ Monitoring, LLC within 24 hours.

6. I may receive non-promotional text messages from AJ Monitoring. These text messages are for general communication, payment reminders, and connectivity requests. Text message rates may apply and if you wish to opt out of these messages you need to call our office.

7. I hereby release, waive, and forever discharge AJ Monitoring, LLC. and all employees of AJ Monitoring, LLC. from all action, claim, demand, responsibility, and liability which I now or may ever have resulting directly or indirectly from installation and monitoring of device.

8. In addition to above I acknowledge I have signed and agreed to all information in any supervising agencies computer use agreements or terms and conditions. I could be terminated from AJ Monitoring if these terms are violated.

9. I have no expectation of privacy and any information found on the device can be used against me in any legal, probation, or treatment proceedings.

10. I will obtain permission from my supervising officer before I install any new applications or software. I will not download or run any new antivirus or malware programs. I will not change the name of my device. I will not conduct a factory reset, system restore, or reinstall the operating system without prior authorization.

11. If I do not own this device, I have obtained consent from the owner that monitoring will be conducted. I will notify all users of this device that such device is being monitored and all actions listed in (#3) on this form applies to them. I understand that if I do not provide this information to any person using this device, I could be in violation of federal, state, county, or municipal law.

12. If the software is removed or uninstalled, at no fault of AJ Monitoring, LLC, I will be required to pay the original install fee.

13. Due to changes in software, supervision, or other unknown circumstances, I may be required to make changes to this device, device settings, software installed, hardware, internet browser used, anti-virus, or software settings. Some hardware components (such as Ultrawide or 5k monitors) might not be suitable for monitoring and will not be allowed.

14. I may be required to update the monitoring software or come into the office for software updates. I may be required to make myself available to troubleshoot software or connection issues. A failure to do so will be deemed as a violation of this agreement.

15. I understand that AJ Monitoring continues services of monthly reports and device connectivity troubleshooting even if we have no logs or connection. Unless AJ Monitoring is proven to be at fault for a lack of connection, I am not entitled to any refunds or proration.

16. I understand I am subject to service cancellation after 90 days of inactivity, in which a refund will not be issued. I understand that if the device is not being used, it is my responsibility to request a pause or cancellation and AJ Monitoring must have approval from your supervising officer before the pause or cancellation is official. I understand that AJ Monitoring, LLC requires written notice from your supervising officer before the uninstallation of monitoring software.

17. We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify the Agreement Terms of Use, with or without notice to the User. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting on our company website. Your continued use of our Service following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms.

18. I understand I have the right to refuse this consent form or subsequent installation and monitoring.

19. I acknowledge that AJ Monitoring reserves the right to terminate my service if I access any sexual, sexually explicit, nude (full or partial), or pornographic material, or if I participate in any sexual messaging or writing. This encompasses sending and receiving text and MMS messages, engaging in erotic writing, or any activity that may be interpreted as suggestive or pursued for sexual gratification.

20. A violation of any conditions on this form may result in the termination of our monitoring service, in which a refund will not be issued.

Payment Terms

I agree to pay $60 per month ($55 if you have multiple devices monitored). I agree to pay an installation charge of $100 per device. I agree to pay a yearly software license of $100 per device. I understand there is no prorating for partial months monitored or the yearly license. I understand there is a $30 monthly charge if I elect to use an additional computer display monitor (per monitor). I understand there is a $15 fee if my payment is seven (7) days late and I lose my multi-device discount. I understand if my payment is late 21 days my service will be canceled. I understand that prices are subject to change and high-end users will be subject to an additional monthly cost.
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