About AJ Monitoring

AJ Monitoring is unlike any other computer or cell phone monitoring company.  AJ Monitoring’s main goal is to provide cell phone and computer monitoring service, not just providing the software.   AJ Monitoring assigns each device a trained analyst to review logs and provide customized reports. 

AJ Monitoring provides a full cell phone and computer monitoring service. Once a client is scheduled, AJ Monitoring employees install monitoring software on the device(s), regularly download and review activity logs and send reports to the Community Supervision Team. AJ Monitoring actively reviews client activity and flags risky or problematic behavior. Every case is different, we understand each individual has different restrictions and behavior change areas. AJ Monitoring can tailor monitoring specific to each client’s risks and needs, regardless of offense type.

On average, Americans spend around 5.4 hours on their phone each day. (Source: ZD Net). 

Since opening in 2016, we have completed over 10,000 offense specific computer and cell phone monitoring reports. We have the ability to filter and flag activity so Community Supervision Teams can focus on areas other than filtering through their client’s device activity.