Offender Computer, Cell Phone, and Tablet Monitoring

We offer solutions to monitor your clients computer, tablet, or cell phone activity.  We currently monitor Windows computers, Macintosh computers, Android tablets, and Android cell phones.  We offer these services for probation, parole, and pre-trial clients. Read below to see all that we offer……..

Review Content Logs

Our employees review all content logs and filter what is important to you.  This includes looking at the websites your client visits, the programs they run, screenshots of their activities, and so much more.

Conduct Monthly Reports

We compose monthly reports, only adding information that is important to you.  We customize these reports for you and can provide all activity logs if you need to conduct your own review or follow up.  

Specific Issue Reports

Did you find out something out about your client and need specific information?  Contact us and we will investigate and get you the information to you immediately.  

Flagged Alerts

We can set up alerts and notify you immediately if those words are typed, seen in a browser, or found in a photo.